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Anna Brunelli reaches into the depths of her feelings and emotions as her inspiration, expressing herself through the vibrant use of color, texture, and artistic subject matter. Born in Transylvania, raised in Italy and migrated to Orlando Florida, Anna is self-taught. As complex as are her and our emotions, so too is her abstract work as invites others to join her in self-discovery. Rarely does she begin a painting with the end in mind, but each piece develops and changes with the ebbs and flow of the energy she feels, and that which inspires her in the moment. Anna’s work covers a variety of styles from Fractural Abstract to Impressionistic, always putting her bright, vibrant colorful love of life on canvas for our own inspiration and enjoyment.

My biography

I was born in Transylvania, Romania, in a stunningly beautiful but cruel village all but forgotten by the world. Here the communist laws of the men were hard, and life for a child was harsh and unjust. Children like me were forced to work in the fields. Life was black and white, and the human spirit was suppressed. After the collapse of the communist dictatorship in 1989, I move into a convent in Rome to study. It was here where my formal education accelerated and where I mastered Italian. However, life was still hard, without joy or freedom. Once I realized this was not about education but about becoming a nun, I was released and transferred to a Franciscan school in Milan, where I finished high school. Casting off the shackles of these religious orders, I moved to Bologna, immersing myself in life’s new experiences. I earned my teaching degree at the University of Bologna, spending six months as an exchange student in Spain. Finding the freedom I craved, my spirit soared, and I began to enjoy the rich culture and the music of Italy. It was in Bologna, where I met and married my husband. Together we moved to Germany for about 3 years. I taught in Germany as a pre-school teacher, and I began to pursue my love of art. Still, the most memorable experience was the birth of both of our children. Our next adventure took us to Tuscany for another 3 years of teaching before moving to Orlando, Florida, USA. Even though I speak four languages; Romanian, Italian, Spanish, and English, I’m best able to express myself through my art. Art is my safe place, where I can be vulnerable, sharing the inner depths of my feelings and emotions, the sensuality of life, and love. Life happens within me like a full flow of energetic color. It was here in Orlando, where I began to immerse myself in my painting, both for myself and to inspire and encourage others to find joy and happiness in their lives. My paintings express the exotic blend of the cultures of my life’s experiences. As an independent person full of color and passion, my art represents the joy of being free. Rarely do I begin a painting with the end in mind. Each piece develops and changes in the moment with the ebbs and flow of the energy. My first solo exhibition in June 2017 brought newfound confidence to express myself through my paintings. As I look back over the experience’s life has offered me, my art, just like my life, is a vibrant journey of personal and artistic growth. My paintings are energetic, optimistic, and a colorful observation of reality. I truly believe that my paintings are full of positive energy and bring happiness to people’s life. 

Ieud 2015

Now I am in USA, where all my life experiences are distilled in my art and in my painting ...

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